All of us have a story…

All of us have a story. Some we tell. Some we don’t. But it’s so important to SHARE our stories because it’s how we build connection! Because in the end, we are ALL more alike than different. We are ALL more connected than separate. And as women we need to CELEBRATE that!

With that said, I want to elaborate a bit more on why I can’t stop talking about the upcoming online course and in-person workshop, The Art of Sisterhood. (Which is not just for artists. It’s for EVERYONE)

It’s a course with soul and depth, created with love by the phenomenal Kara Strachan Bullock who I am so proud to call my friend. It’s a course with the intention of uniting ALL women; bringing us together in our shared sisterhood.

I wholeheartedly invite you to join us on this powerful and important course where we will share our own personal stories about trust, vulnerability, love, and forgiveness and then create meaningful, beautiful art as an expression of our stories.

Together. All of us. Every woman. Our sisterhood.

I know it’s going to be amazing!!! REGISTER HERE


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