Little Miracle

Someone I love and admire, recently shared with me that a group she attends nicknamed her “Little Miracle”. The nickname is perfect for her and all she has endured and  survived. Her resilience and strength are remarkable!

Knowing her story and hearing about her nickname, inspired me to create this canvas and gift it to her.

I hope it always serves as a reminder to her of how far she has come; how proud of her I am; and how much I love her.


Her Light Grew Bigger

Her light grew bigger and brighter as she learned to see the magic and miracles in her life.

This was another one of those paintings that appeared out of nowhere. I was using this canvas to slap on leftover paint from previous canvases and eventually, it felt time to use it to create something.


Her halo became bigger and bigger as I painted. Much bigger than I intended. But I allowed it to remain as is because I felt that it was symbolic of how our light grows bigger and brighter if we allow ourselves to see the magic and miracles in our lives.

More often than not, we focus on the hard parts of our lives. We let the negatives overpower the positives and we lose sight of the beauty that surrounds us every single day.

May she remind you to see the magic in your life and let your light grow.


Jackie Barragan

No Mud, No Lotus


Occasionally, I don’t have words to write on my art. I allow the image to speak on it’s own. That was the case with these lotuses. Lately, I’ve been obsessing on lotus flowers. Their symbolism is so powerful and beautiful. And although, I didn’t write a message on the canvas, I do have some favorite quotes to share:

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Out of Nowhere…

Sometimes I have to force myself to paint. And sometimes during those forced sessions, the greatest, soulful magic happens. This girl showed up out of nowhere…


Be still.

Be patient.






Three Whimsical Girls

Back in October I started working on a commission to create three whimsical girls that a father wanted to gift to his little girl for Christmas. I poured my heart and soul into them, loved them while they were mine, and said my goodbyes when they were ready to go to their new home.

It makes my inner child happy to know that three of my original creations reside in a little girl’s room somewhere. I hope that when she looks at them, she feels the magic I felt while painting them.