Registration is Open for The Art of Sisterhood online course!

Registration is Open

Hooray the Day is Here!!!

Registration is OPEN for The Art of Sisterhood! (Early Bird price good through March 5)

Our theme for 2018 is Rise Above – Shine Your Light and I couldn’t be happier about it. I don’t know about you, but I feel like my whole life’s story has been about learning to rise above, but really it’s only been the last five years or so that I’ve began to let my light shine.

The course consists of 13 instructors, each telling a story about a time when they were able to rise above the circumstances and shine their light for all the world to feel and see. Our art lessons will be inspired by our stories.

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Winner Announcement for TAOS 2018!



Hello courageous, arty sisters!

Thank you so much for playing along in The Art of Sisterhood Giveaway! I’m happy to announce my winner today!!!

Congratulations to Ronda Conley!

(Ronda, please message me so I can get your information to Kara Bullock, our lovely online course organizer.)

Don’t forget REGISTRATION for this incredible course on Monday, February 19! Four more days! YIPPEE!!

If you didn’t do The Art of Sisterhood course in 2017 and you aren’t familiar with much about it, you can take a look here and learn what the hype is all about. And you know what – it’s not just hype. It’s legit praise and glory. Lol!

Sending all of you love and wishing you an abundance of courage!


The Art of Sisterhood 2018 Blog Hop


online teachers
Registration Opens Feb 19!!!



You’re Here!! THANK YOU!

I am so HAPPY to announce that THE ART OF SISTERHOOD Online Course is returning this year and Kara Bullock has once again honored me with an invitation to be a guest teacher!! <cue fireworks and parade>

The theme this year is RISE ABOVE – SHINE YOUR LIGHT! We are on a mission to spread our light, share our joy, and show love and empathy for all. We would love for you to JOIN US in our efforts!

Aside from connecting and creating together, we will also participate in “Challenges” through a variety of acts of love, kindness, and generosity. These are going to be so fun and exciting to do! I really can’t wait for this part!

Here is the amazing team I will be working with in 2018!! Continue reading

A Gentle Soul is Not a Helpless One

26240592_537769113254514_4771966241998905946_oA gentle soul is not a helpless one.”

For over a year I’ve been hearing a small whisper that I needed to paint a deer. Lately, the whisper was getting louder and images of deer were popping up for me at random moments and places. So I finally listened.

As I was finishing her, I felt a nudge to look up what a deer symbolizes. So I did. Deer is synonymous with gentleness, grace, and tenderness. But in the face of danger, they are not defenseless. They are strong, brave, and determined. There is something magical too about deer that appeals to our inner child. They are a reminder of our innocence and our ability, once upon a time, to find delight and excitement in the smallest of things.

May we aspire to be more like deer. And may we remember our inner child always.

(Prints available in my Etsy Shop)

With Courage,


Dreams Come True

All Her Dreams Would Come True - wm

She wasn’t like the rest of the girls. But nevertheless, she was a princess and she was adored. This much she knew to be true. What she didn’t know was that one day, all her

dreams would come true, even though she didn’t believe she deserved them.

She would make a difference in people’s lives and shine her bright light for all the world to feel.

I started this sweet girl during my lesson at the Art of Sisterhood Retreat. The students were all busy making their own art based on an inner-child written exercise I had them do, and while they created, I began to let my inner child play and this little one emerged. I was limited on paint colors, as I had only brought yellows and blues with me that day. So she has blue hair and I don’t care. In fact, I love it!

Have the courage to believe that all your dreams will come true one day, friends.

(Prints available in my Etsy shop.)