Be Like A Lotus

Like a Lotus Blossom, she rises above the muck and mud of life. She rises above the darkness. She sets her inner flame ablaze and shines her light for the world.

Every time she chooses love over hate, she is shining her light. Every time she leads with her soul instead of her ego, she is shining her light. She continuously works on becoming a better version of herself so she may inspire others to do the same. That is how the light spreads and grows in the world.


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Share Your Light

“She could Rise Above it all and share her Light with the world”


Fire has been my “thing” lately. It has such beautiful, deeply rich meaning.

It glows and illuminates; it gives warmth; it is comforting and unifying (gathering around a fire). It is mesmerizing, mighty, and powerful.

It has spiritual meaning (the Holy Spirit comes to mind as well as “we are all sparks of the Divine”).

It is passionate and romantic.

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Big Fear, Bigger Courage

“Her fear was big, but her COURAGE was bigger”.

Gold Butterfly - watermark.jpg

I have been saying these words to myself for a couple of years…my fear is big, but my courage is bigger. They remind me that I can do anything -the big scary stuff or the small scary stuff.

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Infinite Light

“She could destroy the darkness with her infinite LIGHT”.

Be the fire that can burn through your sadness, anger, depression, and despair. Allow that fire to burn away everything that is not true – because the only truth is love.  Let the light of your inner fire shine so bright that it will destroy the darkness.

Fire Girl - watermark.jpg

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Tick Tock, Time is Running Out

Time is quickly running out for you to jump in and join The Art of Sisterhood at the Early Bird rate, which ends on Monday, March 5!!
In case you haven’t heard, this online course is AMAZING! This year’s theme will be RISE ABOVE – SHINE YOUR LIGHT! The course consists of 13 instructors, each telling a story about a time when they were able to rise above the circumstances and shine their light for all the world to feel and see. Our art lessons will be inspired by our stories. It’s going to be beautiful. I can feel it in my bones.