Be Like A Lotus

Like a Lotus Blossom, she rises above the muck and mud of life. She rises above the darkness. She sets her inner flame ablaze and shines her light for the world.

Every time she chooses love over hate, she is shining her light. Every time she leads with her soul instead of her ego, she is shining her light. She continuously works on becoming a better version of herself so she may inspire others to do the same. That is how the light spreads and grows in the world.


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Share Your Light

“She could Rise Above it all and share her Light with the world”


Fire has been my “thing” lately. It has such beautiful, deeply rich meaning.

It glows and illuminates; it gives warmth; it is comforting and unifying (gathering around a fire). It is mesmerizing, mighty, and powerful.

It has spiritual meaning (the Holy Spirit comes to mind as well as “we are all sparks of the Divine”).

It is passionate and romantic.

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The Art of Sisterhood 2018 Blog Hop


online teachers
Registration Opens Feb 19!!!



You’re Here!! THANK YOU!

I am so HAPPY to announce that THE ART OF SISTERHOOD Online Course is returning this year and Kara Bullock has once again honored me with an invitation to be a guest teacher!! <cue fireworks and parade>

The theme this year is RISE ABOVE – SHINE YOUR LIGHT! We are on a mission to spread our light, share our joy, and show love and empathy for all. We would love for you to JOIN US in our efforts!

Aside from connecting and creating together, we will also participate in “Challenges” through a variety of acts of love, kindness, and generosity. These are going to be so fun and exciting to do! I really can’t wait for this part!

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