Create, Play, Imagine

I started this in February and felt stuck for a really long time. Mostly because I didn’t like her face and I detest working so small. Fine details are not my thing. In any case, I decided to call her done a few months ago. Here are my first mermaid and her little seal companion.

Mermaid & Seal - watermark

The reason I decided to create this piece is because I had had seals on my mind for a while (they kept appearing in meditation and during Reiki) and I kept feeling this nudge to paint one.

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Heal Your Soul

Heal Your Soul Girl

We all have an inner child. She lives within each and every one of us, sometimes feeling afraid, forgotten, and alone. As we learn to nurture and listen to her and give her a voice, we help heal our soul.

Hold her hand when she’s scared and assure her you’ll take care of her. She doesn’t have to worry. She doesn’t have to be in charge. You’re the adult and you’ll always protect her.

Tell her she’s pretty. Tell her she’s smart. Tell her she’s talented. Tell her she’s enough. Tell her she can achieve great things. Tell her she can do or be anything she wants. Tell her it’s OK to use her power and be a leader. Tell her you’ll never leave her. Tell her you love her.

With courage,

Jackie Barragan


Believe In Your Worth

In April I completed Level 1 Reiki Training. It was a deeply moving and evocative experience for me. The day after my training, I sat at my art desk early in the morning, and this little one emerged through many tears and much emotion.

Believe in Your Worth - watermark

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You Are Enough

We spend so much time worrying about our enough-ness.


Pretty enough. Smart enough. Thin enough. Productive enough. Helpful enough. Kind enough. Thoughtful enough. Talented enough. Good enough. Worthy enough. Brave enough. Rich enough. Popular enough. Loved enough. Give enough. Have enough. Do enough.

Enough. Enough. Enough.


Jackie Barragan

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A Gentle Soul is Not a Helpless One

26240592_537769113254514_4771966241998905946_oA gentle soul is not a helpless one.”

For over a year I’ve been hearing a small whisper that I needed to paint a deer. Lately, the whisper was getting louder and images of deer were popping up for me at random moments and places. So I finally listened.

As I was finishing her, I felt a nudge to look up what a deer symbolizes. So I did. Deer is synonymous with gentleness, grace, and tenderness. But in the face of danger, they are not defenseless. They are strong, brave, and determined. There is something magical too about deer that appeals to our inner child. They are a reminder of our innocence and our ability, once upon a time, to find delight and excitement in the smallest of things.

May we aspire to be more like deer. And may we remember our inner child always.

(Prints available in my Etsy Shop)

With Courage,