So proud! Student Work Celebration


Wow! How is it already February?! It’s hard to believe how quickly the days and weeks tick by.

I’ve had lots going on and I’ve been busy painting and planning and imagining – three favorite pastimes for this chronic daydreamer. And I’ve also been trying to remember that not everything can get done. And that’s ok. It’s ok to be imperfect…which was my lesson last month for Mixed Media Play Date. So many of us spend more time beating ourselves up for our imperfections rather than celebrating them. Our imperfections are what make us beautifully, uniquely us!

Now that January is over, I wanted to take a minute to share and celebrate some of the fun, fabulous, and imperfect art by the students of Mixed Media Play Date! So exciting to see various interpretations!

January Student Work
Mixed Media Play Date January Student Work

I’m so looking forward to this month’s work from everyone. Can’t wait to share again! If you still want to jump in and play with us, click here.


Jackie Barragan




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