Create, Play, Imagine

I started this in February and felt stuck for a really long time. Mostly because I didn’t like her face and I detest working so small. Fine details are not my thing. In any case, I decided to call her done a few months ago. Here are my first mermaid and her little seal companion.

Mermaid & Seal - watermark

The reason I decided to create this piece is because I had had seals on my mind for a while (they kept appearing in meditation and during Reiki) and I kept feeling this nudge to paint one.

When I looked up the meaning of seals, I learned that they are symbolic of creativity, play, and imagination. Seals are also associated with intuition, inner voice, insight, and inner beauty, as well as the need for balance in our lives.

I don’t know about you, but this stuff fascinates me! Interestingly, I didn’t look up mermaids. Lol. The true star of this piece for me is the sweet seal.

May this seal (and his mermaid friend) remind you to nurture your inner child and create, play, and imagine!

Jackie Barragan

(Prints available in my Etsy shop)

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