Tell Your Story (in an empowering way)

My first passion has always been writing. I started keeping a journal when I was 12 and from that point forward, I wrote for more than 20 years. For most of my life, I felt that I had an important story to tell. I used to envision publishing a memoir and someday sitting across from Oprah, discussing my book. (Ok, I admit it… I still hold this vision.)


Eventually, I took my first step toward making my memoir dreams a reality and I began to blog my life stories. I wrote honestly and vulnerably about the losses I had endured; about depression; about the devastating grief of miscarriage and infertility; about living in anger and rage; about complicated relationships and heartbreak. I owned my story and stood shamelessly in my truth. But most importantly, I told my story in an empowering way.

The purpose of my story-telling wasn’t for others to pity me or praise me. I relived my stories so that I could find meaning in all that I had experienced. I knew that none of it could have been in vain. Everything had served as a life lesson and had had a higher purpose. Through that manner of story-telling and reflecting, I was able to heal many of my wounds; forgive the past; and let go.

When we speak our truth, we not only heal ourselves, but we inspire others to share their stories and heal too. Our story can shed a light of hope and lets others know they are not alone.

Tell your story (in an empowering way).

Jackie Barragan

(Prints available in my Etsy shop)

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