Be Like A Lotus

Like a Lotus Blossom, she rises above the muck and mud of life. She rises above the darkness. She sets her inner flame ablaze and shines her light for the world.

Every time she chooses love over hate, she is shining her light. Every time she leads with her soul instead of her ego, she is shining her light. She continuously works on becoming a better version of herself so she may inspire others to do the same. That is how the light spreads and grows in the world.


This was such a special piece I created for my lesson in The Art of Sisterhood 2018 (which is indefinitely available for registration). The theme for this year’s course was Rise Above, Shine Your Light. I thought that a Lotus flower was the perfect depiction of what it means to rise above. And of course, as has been my current theme – she had to have a flame or fire.

I used lots of fun, mixed media techniques with collage, stencils, sea sponge, texture paste, heavy body paint, metallic paint, colored pencil, Faber Castell pitt pens, and of course acrylic paint.

Wishing you the courage to rise above and shine your light,

Jackie Barragan



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