Big Fear, Bigger Courage

“Her fear was big, but her COURAGE was bigger”.

Gold Butterfly - watermark.jpg

I have been saying these words to myself for a couple of years…my fear is big, but my courage is bigger. They remind me that I can do anything -the big scary stuff or the small scary stuff.

No matter how badly I may poop my pants, I do “it”, because I can’t let fear get in the way. And I don’t want my insecurities to rule my life. And I definitely don’t want to have regrets later. So I let Courage lead the way.

But it’s not always easy. In fact, sometimes I feel paralyzed with fear; unable to use the courage I know exists within me. But you know what? When I finally take the leap, it feels amazing! And you know why? Because tackling the hard, scary stuff requires that I  exercise my courage!

Choose courage over fear always!

Jackie Barragan

(I painted Citrine Crystals on her forehead as it is a powerful stone of courage.)


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