Infinite Light

“She could destroy the darkness with her infinite LIGHT”.

Be the fire that can burn through your sadness, anger, depression, and despair. Allow that fire to burn away everything that is not true – because the only truth is love.  Let the light of your inner fire shine so bright that it will destroy the darkness.

Fire Girl - watermark.jpg

What does fire symbolize for you? For me, it’s beautiful, warm, light-filled, and mighty with the potential to grow immensely, limitlessly. I confess, my initial thoughts weren’t those. They were fear-based, negative notions. But digging a little deeper made me realize all the positive aspects of fire.

We each have a small spark of fire inside that yearns to burn and shine big and bright. It has the potential to bring warmth and comfort to others and to ourselves. It can shine a light for those in the dark. This fire, this light within each of us can help us heal ourselves and others.

Find your light and set it ablaze.

Jackie Barragan

(Prints are available in my Etsy shop)


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