Dreams Come True

All Her Dreams Would Come True - wm

She wasn’t like the rest of the girls. But nevertheless, she was a princess and she was adored. This much she knew to be true. What she didn’t know was that one day, all her dreams would come true, even though she didn’t believe she deserved them.

She would make a difference in people’s lives and shine her bright light for all the world to feel.

I started this sweet girl during my lesson at the Art of Sisterhood Retreat. The students were all busy making their own art based on an inner-child written exercise I had them do, and while they created, I began to let my inner child play and this little one emerged. I was limited on paint colors, as I had only brought yellows and blues with me that day. So she has blue hair and I don’t care. In fact, I love it!

Have the courage to believe that all your dreams will come true one day, friends.

(Prints available in my Etsy shop.)



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